Helical Scrunch to address existing ETL issues faced by enterprise CIOs

Helical IT Solutions has launched its Helical Scrunch to address the existing ETL issues faced by enterprise CIOs.

Helical Scrunch will lessen the complications which exist in ETL Solutions, thus resulting in saving time and resource requirement and creation of much better high quality enterprise ETLs.

ETL jobs are generally created for data migration, creation of data marts and data warehouse, data integration, data replication, data cleansing etc. Though this work can be handled by database SQL, yet ETL tools are used because of its ease of usage, built in objects like aggregators, easy debugging, good auditing capabilities etc.

Nitin Sahu, co-founder, Helical IT Solutions

“Even ETLs have many restrictions like very low visibility and control for an ETL admin, no reusability of ETL scripts, no standardization, error and logging etc, keeping all these restrictions of ETL tools in mind, Helical IT Solution has came up with a custom framework (Helical Scrunch), to work on top of an ETL tool, thus removing all the restrictions of the same,” said Nitin Sahu, co-founder, Helical IT Solutions.

ETL is shortened form of Extract, Transform, Load.  In ETL, using any method data gets extracted from some source, then this data gets changed (transformed ) as per specific need, further changed (transformed) data gets loaded to another system mostly known as target system.

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