Halo Partners with Oracle NetSuite for Global Expansion of Innovative GPS Wireless Dog Fence

In a groundbreaking move, Halo, the pioneering GPS wireless dog fence solution utilized by more than 150,000 dogs worldwide, has joined forces with Oracle NetSuite to embark on a new phase of global expansion.
Oracle NetSuite for ERP
Since its debut in 2019, Halo has revolutionized pet safety through cutting-edge GPS tracking and activity monitoring, empowering pet owners to safeguard their furry companions with unprecedented precision and convenience.

Halo’s revolutionary technology has effectively rendered traditional invisible dog fences obsolete, as its containment capabilities are ingeniously integrated within the collar itself, eliminating the need for internet connectivity to function effectively. The result is a seamless and reliable solution that allows dogs to roam freely within predefined boundaries, promoting both their safety and overall well-being.

The partnership with Oracle NetSuite comes on the heels of Halo’s remarkable growth trajectory, with revenues soaring from a modest $3 million in 2020 to a staggering $50 million by 2022. This meteoric rise is a testament to the widespread demand for Halo’s innovative solution and the unwavering commitment of its team.

By embracing the power of NetSuite’s comprehensive cloud-based business suite, Halo aims to optimize its operations on a global scale. The integration of NetSuite will usher in a new era of efficiency, enabling the automation of critical functions such as procurement, inventory management, and subscription services. This strategic move is projected to fortify Halo’s revenue streams, fostering recurring and predictable income sources while bolstering its gross margin.

A noteworthy advantage of the Oracle NetSuite collaboration is the expedited financial processes it offers. With the implementation of NetSuite, Halo anticipates a significant reduction in the time required to finalize financial records, coupled with real-time insights into its fiscal performance. Such insights will empower the leadership team to make informed decisions promptly, capitalizing on emerging growth prospects in a rapidly evolving market.

Furthermore, the integration of data within a single unified system will empower Halo to conduct agile and comprehensive analyses, thereby mitigating the risks associated with erroneous or incomplete information. This newfound clarity and accuracy are poised to fuel Halo’s competitive edge and position the company as an industry leader in pet safety and innovation.

Sam Levy, Senior Vice President of Sales at Oracle NetSuite, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Demand for the Halo system has skyrocketed over recent years, and by moving to NetSuite, Halo will be able to efficiently meet this demand by enhancing and streamlining its operations with a unified suite.”

As Halo and Oracle NetSuite embark on this groundbreaking partnership, the future promises a safer and more connected world for our beloved canine companions, fueled by the synergy of cutting-edge technology and visionary leadership.