Google reveals top 5 ways Android developers benefit from Play Billing

Google has revealed how Android developers will benefit from Play Billing.
Google Android dominance


Developers can build global businesses at high scale because of Google’s development of this platform. Google Play is available in 190+ countries. There are 2+ billion active monthly Play users.

As one barometer of the opportunity created by Google Play for developers, there were more than 116 billion downloads from Google Play last year. Improvements to our discovery experience helped increase Google Play visits by 30 percent last year, and helped drive 46 percent of app installs.

Our pre-registration feature helped developers see a 38 percent conversion rate for new app titles.


Google connects developers with a consumer base that trusts the platform because of its security investments. Google Play Protect, the security solution, has helped developers by attracting consumers.

Google Play Protect now scans over 100 billion apps on users’ devices each day to make sure these apps aren’t behaving in harmful ways.

Last year, Google Play Protect stopped 1.9 billion malware installs


Google connects developers with a consumer base that can transact seamlessly because of its investment in Google Play’s payments platform.

Examples of past improvements include — Carrier billing is available on 172 carriers across 64 countries covering 1.3+ billion active devices. Google Play gift cards are available in 35 countries at more than 800,000 retail locations worldwide. We added seller support to 31 new markets in 2019.

Google said its improvements to the subscription platform meant that subscription developers earned 4x more in 2018 than in 2016


Google connects developers with free tools we’ve built that make app development easier and let developers focus on innovating.

Examples of investments include — New Google Play Console tools have helped developers reduce crash rates by 70 percent. Android App Bundle & Dynamic Delivery helped reduce app sizes by up to 65 percent, leading to more downloads and fewer uninstalls. In 2018, the Android Security Improvement Program helped over 30,000 developers fix over 75,000 apps.


Google Play doesn’t make money unless its services actually result in a happy consumer who makes a purchase. It’s free for developers to use our app development tools and our distribution platform to reach their potential audience. Our service fee doesn’t apply unless a consumer decides to make a purchase from a developer.