Google Q1 2014 result: revenue up 19%, income increases marginally

Google today said its first quarter revenue for 2014 increased 19 percent to $15.4 billion, while its income increased marginally to $3.45 billion from $3.35 billion.

Both revenue and income include discontinued operations of Motorola Mobility that will be sold to Lenovo.

Google sites revenues rose 21 percent to $10.47 billion, or 68 percent of total revenues, in Q1 2014.

Its partner sites revenues rose 4 percent to $3.4 billion, or 22 percent of total revenues.

Google revenue from outside of the U.S. was $8.76 billion or 57 percent of total revenues, compared to 56 percent in Q1 2013 and 55 percent in Q1 2013.

Google revenues from the U.K. were $1.58 billion or 10 percent of total revenues in Q1 2014 against 11 percent in Q1 2013.

Aggregate paid clicks, which include clicks related to ads served on Google sites and the sites of its Network members, increased approximately 26 percent over Q1 2013 and decreased approximately 1 percent over Q4 2013.

Average cost-per-click, which includes clicks related to ads served on Google sites and the sites of our Network members, decreased approximately 9 percent over the Q1 2013 and remained constant from Q4 2013.

Motorola Mobile segment revenue, which is a discontinued business for Google, was $1.45 billion.

Google (excluding Motorola) increased its resources to 46,170 in March, 2014 from 43,862 in December 2013.

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