Google Partners program launched to support web professionals and agencies

Internet search engine Google India has unveiled Google Partners, a program designed to support web professionals and agencies who help businesses succeed online.

Google Partners replaces Google Certification Program, and Google Engage for Agencies, the search engine said in  statement.

Google says the partner program will assist in building an ecosystem to help small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) gain from the Internet.

Google Partner

Many small businesses in India rely on web professionals and agencies to manage their online presence and their online marketing, and Google is invested in helping agencies and web professionals receive the training and access to resources necessary to help their clients succeed on the web.

Kodukulla Suryanarayana, head of SMB Sales Google India, said that the new program will be easier for agencies to access Google resources, training, and support all in one place.

In the last three years, Google significantly increased it efforts to have a large footprint of agencies who support thousands of small businesses in India.

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