Globalscape technology enables 20x faster file transfer

Globalscape says its patented technology enables file transfer speeds up to 20x faster than SFTP.
Globalscape has declared the availability of Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) version v7.3 with the Accelerate module, which is intended to provide increased file transfer rate. The Accelerate module claims to provide file transfers with betterment in speed, efficiency and reliability of data movement.
The company said this module can be put to use for extreme file transfers for many organizations, like for delivering large medical images between offices and hospitals, to creating and collaborating on a new video or a computer game between artists and programmers, or delivering large seismographic data files from remote locations to an oil and gas company headquarters for analysis.
In all the above scenarios, a time delay of the moving data can become a serious hindrance for a business, with the size of data being moved becoming more with every transfer, causing additional strain on bandwidth.
EFT functions on the FAST protocol adopted by its Accelerate Module, which helps to cover the increase in the speed of data transfers for bulky files.The FAST protocol will dampen transfer delays happening due to large file bottlenecks, geographic distances, round trip time and packet loss associated with standard file exchanges.
Also, the scClient, which is a preconfigured client application, works in sync with the Accelerate module, allowing an individual user at remote location also to send files at an accelerated rate. EFT Enterprise with the Accelerate module is sold as a perpetual license, forsaking the Globalscape customers from additional expenses related to service subscriptions.
With EFT announcing that it will enable the user to transfer files five to ten times faster than the previous FTP, and more than 20 times faster when compared to SFTP, the company also says that the intermittent delay can be overridden between geographically separate servers or locations.
The company said EFT is designed to prevent additional delays and claims to eliminate expensive bottlenecks existing presently, in the delivery of important files while offering value from expenses on Internet connectivity by replacing costly leased lines or private networks etc.
EFT Enterprise with the Accelerate module proclaims to prove good on the signature data security set by the company, and regulatory compliance capabilities, including comprehensive visibility, governance and auditability with a single point of management from within an organization’s file transfer infrastructure.
“With workforces becoming more remote and global collaboration being easier than ever, it’s incredibly important to ensure that data moves quickly and efficiently. Any delay or disruption of data transfers can create serious repercussions for a business,” said Peter Merkulov, vice president, Product Strategy and Technology Alliances, Globalscape.