GitHub Marketplace reduces transaction fees significantly

GitHub Marketplace, home to the world’s largest DevOps ecosystem, said it is increasing developer’s take-home pay for apps sold in the marketplace from 75 to 95 percent.
GitHub at a IT eventGitHub will only keep a 5 percent transaction fee. This change puts more revenue in the pockets of the developers, who are doing the work building tools that support the GitHub community.

Previously, a deep review of app security and functionality was required before an app could be added to Marketplace. Moving forward, we’ll verify your organization’s identity and common-sense security precautions by:

Validating your domain with a simple DNS TXT record

Validating the email address on record

Requiring two-factor authentication for your GitHub organization

Developers can track app submission’s progress from their organization’s profile settings to fix issues faster. Now developers can get their solutions added to the Marketplace faster and the community can moderate app quality.

GitHub has also made some updates to our Technology Partner Program. “If you’re interested in the GitHub Marketplace but unsure how to build integrations to the GitHub platform, co-market with us, or learn about partner events and opportunities, you can get started with our technology partner program for help,” GitHub said.

Developers can check out the partner-centric resources section or write to [email protected].

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