Genesys powers Sutherland with PureEngage customer experience platform

GenesysGenesys said BPO major Sutherland has deployed its customer experience platform PureEngage, a customer engagement and employee collaboration offering.

Sutherland uses PureEngage to provide improved CRM integrations, enhanced IVR and workforce optimization capabilities, and omnichannel self-service, beginning with 2,000 agents in a new delivery center in Las Vegas.

“We considered several on-premise and cloud-based solutions, but selected Genesys PureEngage because it enables more seamless, flexible and scalable next-generation customer experiences. It’s powerful enough to support the unique requirements of our diverse client environments, yet still relatively simple to integrate and fast to deploy,” said Bill Nicholas, Sutherland’s head of Global Telecom.

PureEngage ensures support through multiple channels such as email, chat, social, and SMS in addition to traditional voice-based communications.

Genesys said PureEngage has replaced more than eight disparate platforms that were not well-integrated and required extensive manual efforts to eliminate redundancy and ensure accurate reporting and harmonious performance.

By deploying PureEngage, Sutherland improved operational efficiencies and enhanced the visibility and measurement of performance data.

“We could move as many as 10,000 agents to Genesys, and we look forward to implementing speech analytics and enabling additional interaction channels,” said Nicholas.

Tom Eggemeier, president of Genesys, said PureEngage is the true customer engagement suite for businesses to deliver competitively superior experiences – providing real-time, contextual journeys, world-class orchestrated routing, and digital transformation at any scale.

PureEngage is available both on-premises and in the cloud and supports extensive customizability through open APIs and web standards.