Generali Hellas deploys SAS to generate reports for sales network and employees

Infotech Lead Europe: Greece-based insurance group Generali Hellas has deployed SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture to generate reports for its sales network and employees.

SAS will enable the insurance company to integrate in-depth analytics and data management to better manage client-agent relationships, product and pricing offers, marketing activities, and overall business strategy.

“Generali’s primary customers are its more than 500 partners and associates – insurance agents, brokers, companies, etc. – that comprise our sales network,” said Dionissis Moschonas, Generali’s Assistant IT Manager. “We wanted a platform to provide our associates daily, direct Web reports that include up-to-date, accurate analysis concerning their portfolios.”

SAS’ solution’s integrated business intelligence environment features customizable reporting, access to different user segments within the company, access to external partners through the Web, and analytics for the actuarial department.

SAS Insurance Analytics Architecture’s advanced data integration provides significantly faster data analysis, processing and report generation. Moreover, it reduces cost of software ownership, training, maintenance and support, while lowering exposure to risk.

In addition, SAS will help improve Generali’s operational performance, with the ability to optimize requirements, ratemaking and compliance with the European Directive Solvency II as well as internal reporting.

According to a recent report in, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) has selected SAS to consolidate and house data from the state’s school districts to modernize systems.

SAS will house servers used by local education agencies (LEA) for critical business functions. While LEAs will control business operations performed by these servers, the hardware and the data will be in a safer environment.

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