GE to invest $2 billion to develop healthcare software

Infotech Lead Asia: GE Healthcare is planning to invest $2 billion over the next five years to develop healthcare software.

The focus of the IT investment will be to develop software for healthcare systems and applications. The software development will focus on addressing new and pressing operational and productivity challenges faced by healthcare organizations.

GE Healthcare will work with the GE Software Center of Excellence in San Ramon, California – as well as at various research and development hubs around the world – to develop new software solutions.

Specifically, this $2 billion investment will be focused on maximizing asset performance; improving hospital operations management; improving clinical effectiveness; and optimizing care across entire populations. Key focus areas include:

John Dineen, president & CEO, GE Healthcare, said: “These new software solutions will look to connect caregivers in a meaningful way to the systems upon which they rely, enabling them to deliver better informed diagnoses and improved care.”

Healthcare IT investments are growing across the world. Recently, an IDC research report said medical facilities in various parts of Japan that were built in the 70s during the surge of medical department establishment are deteriorating and will have to be restructured or rebuilt. This will have an impact on the existing information system life-cycle management.

“Vendors providing network and backbone solutions should provide infrastructure environments that are scalable and flexible with the next-generation ICT implementation and utilization taken into account, such as mobility from the early stage of facility reconstruction or repair, while collaborating with architectural firms and general contractors,” said Eiji Sasahara, IT spending research manager, IDC Japan.

Together, with the help of industry partners, GE Healthcare’s 3000+ software engineers and GE’s software Centers of Excellence across the globe, GE will provide flexible and connected software, data and analytics so caregivers have what they need to help prevent, diagnose, treat and cure new health challenges they face every day.

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