GE launches new platform for aggregating Industrial Big Data

Infotech Lead America: GE Intelligent Platforms has launched a new platform for aggregating Industrial Big Data.

The combined solution — Proficy Historian 5.0 and Proficy Historian Analysis — enables improved operational productivity by providing a scalable platform for aggregating Industrial Big Data.

GE claims that the solution allows companies to contextualize, analyze and visualize huge amounts of data and act on it quickly to improve their operations.

Robust Operations Data Management impacts all industries where often IT and technology systems that have evolved over time cannot support strategic growth initiatives.

The new Proficy Historian 5.0, combined with Proficy Historian Analysis, facilitates a conversation between IT and Senior Management because the data provides an Enterprise Operations Intelligence Platform that accelerates complete context in the decision making process.

Moreover, Historian 5.0 allows for multiple data stores so companies can separate regulatory data from process data for easy reporting for differing requirements. Data stores are a powerful new concept in Time Series data management allowing for the partitioning and fit-for-purpose optimization of Proficy Historian.

Jim Walsh, Software Vice President for GE Intelligent Platforms.

“The massive growth in data generated by operations means that more and more data must be retained for analysis and compliance. There is a clear need for improved governance and security as well as the need to contain lifecycle costs of data management,” said Brian Courtney, General Manager Industrial Data Intelligence Software for GE Intelligent Platforms

“We are using our Historian as a foundation for our own solutions in huge business situations that monitor thousands of assets around the world in critical infrastructure facilities. We are committed to invest and innovate in software as a core competency of the company as we scale our solutions to meet the needs of our customers,” said Jim Walsh, Software Vice President for GE Intelligent Platforms.

At GE Energy’s Monitoring & Diagnostics Centers, Proficy Historian has reduced the data footprint of monitoring more than 1500 turbines in 60 countries from 50 terabytes to 10. Year-over-year fleet analysis requiring access to massive time series data sets, which previously took days to complete, can now be completed in minutes.

In addition, the company has saved millions of dollars by doing predictive analysis on the turbines facilitating planned downtime for repairs and maintenance. And, they have increased their customer satisfaction twofold.

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