GAVS deploys Microsoft Office 365 to unify telecom infrastructure and up productivity


Infotech Lead India: GAVS Technologies, a provider of IT services and solutions, has deployed Microsoft Office 365 to unify its communication infrastructure and enhance productivity.

During the selection process, the Chennai-based IT services and solutions did not select Google Apps and Open Source applications.


Microsoft said more than 700 users are now using Office 365.



“What’s inspiring about the plans GAVS Technologies has for Office 365 is it really illustrates the power of the cloud by giving its employees a collaborative environment, which would further help to build competitive advantages for the business. Microsoft has given enough reasons to GAVS Technologies to choose Office 365 over Google Apps, as Office 365 is a true productivity suite designed from the ground up to meet business requirements for security, privacy, reliability and manageability,” said Ramkumar Pichai, general manager – Microsoft Office Division, Microsoft India.


The company is planning for a more extensive migration by increasing the number of users over time.


“The limited access to unified communication, lack of collaboration platform for sharing documents and previous versions of server platforms stood as major road-blocks in the path to bolster productivity, information-sharing and reduction of IT costs,” said Sumit Ganguli, president of GAVS Technologies.


“To keep up with the growth of our businesses and cater to the increasing demand from employees for communication access virtually anytime, anywhere, we sought a compelling cloud solution that would enable us to migrate to the cloud on our own terms. The value of Office 365 is not about the number of features but it’s about 24/7 expert phone support, native integration between solutions, enterprise class reliability, the familiar Office user interface,” Ganguli added.


GAVS Technologies has presence in America, Europe, Middle and Far East. It has expanded and diversified its business and growth brings with it the challenge of ensuring reliable, efficient communication and collaboration among increasing numbers of employees in more dispersed locations.


Office 365 provides GAVS Technologies the following benefits:


  • Single, unified and robust platform for email, instant messaging, collaboration and unified communication to all users basis employee’s need
  • Lower total cost of ownership and high cost benefit ratios as compared to other vendors
  • Higher familiarity and usability with no need of training to users on Microsoft’s latest innovation
  • Access virtually anytime, anywhere, and on almost any device, meeting the increased demand for speedier and tighter collaboration across geographies



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