Forrester’s European Technology Awards EMEA event

Forrester announced Enel, Michelin, and Standard Bank as winners of this year’s European Technology Awards for putting their customers at the centre of their organization’s operating model.
IT network security issuesThese awards, being presented at Forrester’s Technology & Innovation EMEA event, recognize Enel for executing an enterprise-wide future fit technology strategy and both Michelin and Standard Bank for executing outcomes-driven enterprise architecture practices.


Enel, a global energy company, is the recipient of Forrester’s Technology Strategy Impact award. Enel has developed an integrated digital platform that underpins the company’s global retail business line. By implementing a technology strategy that embraces agile and DevOps practices, incorporates AI and automation, and focuses on developing digital skills, Enel is benefitting from an insights-driven approach that enhances the customer experience. The company’s digital platform has improved the customer Net Promoter Score and is set to reduce customer activation time by 80% in 2024 compared to 2021.


Michelin, a global tyre manufacturing company, is one of this year’s recipients of Forrester’s Enterprise Architecture award. Michelin has put customer experience at the core of its ecosystem by embracing a data-driven approach and breaking down data silos. After identifying that an excessive focus on the end architecture and architectural purity was counterproductive, Michelin’s enterprise architecture team took the lead in implementing and deploying an agile infrastructure to guide the delivery teams and provide support to the business.

Standard Bank

Standard Bank, a South African bank and financial services group, is this year’s recipient of Forrester’s Enterprise Architecture award. Standard Bank has developed a model for the evolution of its business toward a platform for Africa that the entire firm uses to stay aligned as it builds out the minimum viable product.

In addition, Standard Bank has created an architectural decision catalogue that helps solutions architects produce designs that conform to the firm’s technology strategy more easily and more quickly, as well as established architecture community forums for continuous collaboration.

“We celebrate Forrester’s Technology Award winners, which each demonstrate a laser focus on customer and business outcomes,” said Laura Koetzle, VP and group research director at Forrester.

Recipients of Forrester’s APAC Technology Awards will be announced at Technology & Innovation APAC, taking place 15–16 November 2022.