Footters taps IBM to power streaming video platform

IBM HQFootters, an online streaming platform to broadcast amateur soccer games, has selected IBM Cloud Video to power its streaming video platform.

Footters’ goal is to connect members of the soccer community, including clubs, players, family, agents, scouts, institutions, tournaments and brands. Amateur soccer has an estimated 24 million clubs with 270 million players.

Footters will integrate live and recorded video feeds into their mobile app by leveraging IBM Cloud Video’s services. IBM Cloud Video’s technology will also enable Footters to expand and offer partner clubs the ability to launch individual streaming channels with both a subscription and pay-per-view option. Footers also plans to use advanced analytic and video editing capabilities to develop new features.

“IBM’s cognitive technology sets them apart and offers our platform features that can help extract data from a soccer game. For example, we plan to provide statistics such as how often a player has run up and down the wing, and how many times he has passed the ball,” said Footters CEO Julio Farina.