First Batch of Intel India Maker Lab Showcases their Products

Intel India

Intel India showcased projects by seventeen start-ups which have utilized its India Maker Lab facilities.

The Bengaluru campus hosted the first Maker Lab Startup Conclave and Demo Showcase.

The ‘Intel India Maker Lab’ was set up about a year ago to help startups accelerate their hardware and systems innovation towards creation of new products and  solutions by offering infrastructure, technology, tools, and mentorship support.

According to Intel, these start-ups have used Maker Lab in the areas of education, sports, health, agriculture, BFSI, and e-governance, across IoT, Cloud, and Client Compute.

Nine out of 17 start-ups have already launched their products in the market and five have their products ready and are moving to customer trial stage. Meanwhile, the remaining three are in the design stage.

“It’s very gratifying to see a slew of innovative products and solutions in the areas of education, sports, health, agriculture, BFSI and e-governance developed by the hardware and systems startups using the Intel India Maker Lab,”said Jitendra Chaddah, senior director, Strategy & Operations, Intel India.

“These solutions will help solve real consumer and business needs and contribute towards realizing the Digital India and Make in India vision.”

Intel said the objective of this initiative is to collaborate with the Government in developing and encouraging entrepreneurial and innovation talent in India.

The Maker Lab supported seven startups that came out of Department of Science & Technology (DST).

Startups with products in the Market

Aerx Labs

Aerx Labs’ core product portfolio is Flight Simulators. Its model is to leverage standard Intel Core i7 socketed boards and boxed CPUs from channel and apply their domain knowledge in aircraft systems to integrate complex mechanical, electronics and software elements to create the flight simulator.


Avench has integrated Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) platform along with Wi-Fi module and storage to build a Content Access Point which is used for enabling 50 simultaneous HD video stream users for education and transportation verticals.

Green Ocean Research

Green Ocean Research has built a medical diagnostic platform using Intel Edison Board to monitor multiple parameters such as BG, Pulse oximetry, BP etc.

Jayalaxmi Agrotech

Jayalaxmi Agrotech has built an Agripole which is used to facilitate farmers to download their Agri applications in local language at village fairs using Intel Edison platform.

Klassik Klonec

Klassik Klonec has completed building an IOT-enabled Hydroponic (growing green leafs & vegetables at home/industrial kitchen without soil) using Intel Quark D2000.


Parkzap has built a smart parking solution for Smart city. Its solution currently covers the ease of payment through an application optimized for Android and the startup is working on an embedded controller for expanding the end-to-end solution for controlling the parking gates/mechanisms.

Skylark Drones

Skylark Drones is a Bengaluru-based startup which focuses on solutions which leverage drones for use cases in mining, construction, smart city verticals leveraging Intel Core i7 platforms for Analytics.


Smartron is a local OEM startup with Intel Core M processor based 2 in 1 product called t-book which is launched in market.

Terrablue XT

Terrablue XT is founded by a woman entrepreneur who was inspired by her son’s epilepsy to create a solution for helping epilepsy patients and their caregivers. It has focused on getting a set of sensors customized for local conditions (cost and features) along with Intel Boards to start with and plans to follow with a device design in second phase.

Startups with Products Ready and moving to customer trials

Acceleron Lab

Acceleron has designed & fabricated custom Intel Xeon boards, chassis and system software for their solution that combines server/networking/storage.


BrownLogic has developed an IOT-enabled Agriculture solution for Greenhouse farms using Intel Curie for nodes and Intel Edison for Gateway.

Phoenix Robotics

Phoenix Robotics, founded by a young team, has an environment monitoring solution (air quality) targeted at Industry IOT & smart cities which leverages Intel Curie platform.


SrishtiESDM is focusing on solutions in financial inclusion leveraging UID/Aadhar leveraging Intel- powered tablet platforms.

Yaw software

Yaw software is focusing on creating a next generation device for use in biking enthusiast community to help them in tracking and improving their performance through analytics.

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