Exchange your old hardware for Windows Azure: Microsoft India offer

In a new marketing strategy, Microsoft India announced an exchange program for your old hardware for Windows Azure cloud platform.

The scheme is to encourage Indian SMBs to purchase Windows Azure. Through its 10,000 partner network, Microsoft is reaching SMBs in over 250 cities in India.

The scheme is valid from March 20, 2014 to June 30, 2014, Microsoft said.

You need to register to opt for this program. Microsoft authorized hardware recycle partner will assess the residual value of your hardware, share trade-in quote for the scheme, collect your hardware and based on the value, you can use the proceeds to get a monthly credit on Windows Azure, based on an upfront initial commitment.

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In September 2013, Microsoft announced that Winjit Technologies, a mobile application development company, has reduced infrastructure cost by 30 percent by deploying Windows Azure cloud platform. The company is now considering moving their complete infrastructure over to Azure, said Ashwin Kandoi, co-founder, Winjit.

Windows Azure is an open and flexible platform on the cloud that allows users to build, deploy and manage applications on a Microsoft-managed data center.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for SMBs to get value for their legacy hardware and at the same time leap to the cloud using Windows Azure. This transition will help them reduce maintenance costs and get future ready on a modern platform,” said Karan Bajwa, managing director, Microsoft India.

Karan Bajwa, managing director, Microsoft India

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In April 2013, Microsoft announced the reduction in the price of Windows Azure Virtual Machines by up to 25 percent. The price of Windows Azure Virtual Machines will be reduced by 21 percent for standard instances. For a small instance, the new price will be $0.09 per hour. The new price of Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, which will enable customers to move existing apps to the cloud to save time and money, was effective from June 1, 2013.

Once SMBs have opted for Windows Azure usage based on the exchange value of their hardware they will be able to work with any of Microsoft’s Azure circle partners to migrate and expand their infrastructure on Windows Azure.

“We believe this is a game changer for our SMB customers who have deployed their legacy servers in a co- located model to transition to a public cloud,” said Ajith George, co-founder and director of Sysfore.

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