Everest Group Announces Winners of the 2nd Annual Engineering Services PEAK Matrix Provider of the Year Awards

Everest Group, a renowned consulting and research firm, has unveiled the winners of the second annual Engineering Services PEAK Matrix Provider of the Year Awards.
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These prestigious awards spotlight engineering services providers who have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix assessments over the previous year.

The Everest Group PEAK Matrix assessments serve as a crucial tool for engineering services buyers, enabling them to assess, compare, and contrast key providers in the global services arena. In 2022, Everest Group released five engineering services PEAK Matrix reports, covering 10 assessment areas and featuring evaluations of 55 providers. The evaluations encompassed various critical service segments, including digital products, digital twins, connected medical devices, Industry 4.0, and software products.

Engineering Services Top 15:

(Tie) HCL Technologies and TCS



(Tie) Capgemini and Wipro




Tech Mahindra





Persistent Systems

Top 5 Engineering Services Challengers:



Happiest Minds



Vijay Anand Guntur, President of Engineering and R&D Services (ERS) at HCL Technologies, emphasized the transformative impact of digital engineering on businesses and the journey towards creating a sustainable world. He highlighted HCL Technologies’ rich engineering heritage spanning over 45 years and its collaboration with top R&D players across diverse verticals. Guntur emphasized that HCL Technologies is uniquely positioned to support enterprises in harnessing digital technologies for business transformation.

Regu Ayyaswamy, Global Head of Internet of Things & Digital Engineering at TCS, emphasized the multifaceted benefits derived from their engagements with businesses undergoing digital transformation. This includes conventional businesses transitioning into software companies, software vendors modernizing their products with cloud-native technologies, and product companies driving product and business model innovation. Ayyaswamy highlighted TCS’s deep domain expertise, extensive portfolio of intellectual property, and cutting-edge design labs, which empower clients to accelerate new product launches and enhance sustenance.

The future looks promising as these providers continue to drive innovation in digital engineering, embracing technologies such as IoT, AI, and machine learning to create intelligent, software-defined, and connected products. As the technology landscape evolves, these leaders are poised to further shape the industry and seize new opportunities on the horizon.