Euramax uses SAS Visual Analytics for better decision making

Infotech Lead America: Euramax Coated Products, a coil-coating manufacturer, uses SAS Visual Analytics to empower employees with visual data exploration.

Euramax will use SAS Visual Analytics for production and operations to report on quality assurance, lost time, scrap materials, down time and financials. The system will cover reporting for multiple countries served by Euramax.

Along with support for departmental hardware platforms, SAS Visual Analytics also offers new graphical and analytics features, including forecasting, multiple-regress model options, interaction between multiple visuals, dynamic filtering and new visualizations

“We needed to empower employees with data exploration and reporting capabilities for their daily work,” said Peter Wijers, business support manager, Euramax.

SAS Visual Analytics will empower Euramax with data control and report access for day-to-day users. By analyzing data more quickly and efficiently, Euramax will be able to make better, real-time business decisions.

Visual data exploration with SAS Visual Analytics helps users to quickly filter data or drill down to more details without having to wait for IT to work on the reports that they have submitted.

Once data is loaded into SAS Visual Analytics, analysts can explore the data without the need for IT support. This reduces the wait time to get necessary data for informed decision making.

After implementing SAS, Euramax plans to offer employees visual analytics on mobile devices to give them instant access to centralized reports from any location, including customer sites.

Earlier this month, Gitanjali Group (India) selected SAS Visual Analytics to monitor and analyze the company’s business data, such as supply chain management, internal cost controls and sales metrics.

Some of the customers from across the globe using the SAS Visual Analytics software include the XL Group, SM Marketing Convergence, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, the Hong Kong Efficiency Unit and Cosmos Bank.


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