Enterprise Connect: Aspect Software releases version 8.0 of WFO software

At the Enterprise Connect show, Aspect Software, a provider of customer interaction management, workforce optimization, back-office solutions, has released Aspect Workforce Optimization 8.0 (WFO 8), featuring workforce management, quality management and performance management capabilities.

The new WFO software integrates the essential features that are integral to improve overall customer experience and provide more flexible and integrated customer service operations, Aspect said. The solution can be deployed at customer premises or in the Aspect cloud.

Aspect SoftwareWFO 8 features a customizable, intuitive and easy-to-use graphical interface that eliminates the technology barrier between users and their workforce optimization system.

In addition to tighter data and functional integration, all components of WFO 8.0 (Workforce Management 8.0, Aspect Quality Management 8.0 and Aspect Analyze 8.0) use this common look and feel.

The new user interface provides higher productivity workforce because day-to-day administrative tasks take less time. It simplifies important tasks such as vacation requests. The solution supports broader use of more powerful but complex WFO features.

Additionally the WFO solution supports easier remote agent deployments with flexible use across common browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome) and devices (desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones).

The new solution also features new back office performance capabilities that allow for better management of business processes and workflow in the back office as well as blending of back office and front office workforces.

The WFO solution provides more accurate forecasting, scheduling and tracking of back office personnel, so employee schedules can be optimized to meet specific business requirements. WFM’s back office optimization features can dramatically improve the efficiency of most back office operations.

WFO 8 also integrates with other Aspect products, including the full suite of customer interaction management and analytics solutions including Aspect Unified IP, Aspect Analytics for Speech and Text, and recently launched Aspect Mentor.

Aspect Analytics for Speech and Text gives clients sophisticated analytical tools with access to 100 percent of all speech and text interactions revealing valuable and actionable insights. Aspect Mentor software offers proactive notification alerts and guidance to both agents and supervisors using real-time speech analytics methods, Aspect said.

Together, WFO 8, Aspect Unified IP, and Aspect’s analytics solutions provide a complete call center infrastructure and management package, to the call center industry, they added.

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