Eli Lilly to use Salesforce platform to develop innovative apps

Salesforce Cloud
CRM major Salesforce announced that healthcare company Eli Lilly will use the Salesforce platform to develop more innovative and intuitive apps.

The focus of Eli Lilly is to design new apps in order to personalize patient support programs, unite care teams and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

Lilly has tapped Salesforce to launch more than 50 apps over the last two years. These are internal and external facing apps that Lilly has used to better understand patient insights and engage in a way patients prefer.

Lilly TrialGuide helps patients learn about clinical trials, find one that’s right for them and connect with the clinic. With its expanded use of the Salesforce Platform, Lilly is doubling down on its efforts to develop apps that will lead to more relevant and meaningful touch-points along every step of the patient journey.

“Today, patients want relevant and easily digestible information they can access when they need it most that will help them better understand and manage their condition. An app can be a great vehicle to help achieve this,” said Rob Brown, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Lilly.

“Healthcare IT is shifting toward the patient, and companies that build strong communities and connections around the medicines they provide will be able to better listen to patient needs and ultimately provide better outcomes,” Joshua Newman, GM, Salesforce Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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