Electronica Tough Carb taps Infor, replaces SAP

Electronica Tough Carb, a manufacturer and exporter of Tungsten Carbide products, has tapped Infor and replaced SAP.

The Tungsten Carbide products company has gone live with Infor LN to achieve the next phase of its business growth.

Infor ION will provide integration between Infor and third-party applications to help drive agility, speed and incorporate better business intelligence.

With Infor LN completely replacing the existing ERP system from SAP, Electronica Tough Carb aims to automate business processes across locations, gain more complete visibility into inventory and operating expenses and streamline costing procedures to drive increased efficiency, accuracy and accountability of resources on a centralised platform.

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Earlier, ETCL was using generic ERP tools from SAP to address the complex business operations of producing Tungsten Carbide products. ETCL faced issues with inaccurate inventory management due to previously having to manually reconcile its raw materials and finished goods stocks.

Additionally, the company lacked visibility in tracking materials movement and registering cost of repairing faulty instruments. With Infor LN, ETCL aims to drastically increase accuracy in material reconciliation by automating recoveries and non-recoveries of its inventory.

“Infor LN is also expected to help ETCL smooth material movement processes and align registration of instrument repair costs,” said Atul Sareen, managing director, Infor India.

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