Eastern Alloys selects Eka next-generation CTRM software solution

Eastern Alloys has deployed Eka’s next generation CTRM software solution for trading, position, risk, production scheduling, inventory management, assay management and tolling of its metals operations.

Eastern Alloys with group of companies including Service Aluminum Corp, Eastern Alloys Kentucky, LLC; EA Aluminum Corp.; EA Raw Materials Corp.; and Wheel Recovery Systems LLC will implement Eka’s advanced solution for metals management.

The company said it required a next-generation CTRM solution to control its entire metals operations from the input of scrap metal to the production of ingots and solution and solution to eliminate multiple, custom solutions and improve decision making.

Additionally, InSight CM – Metals, a comprehensive solution for managing the metals supply chain across base metals, ferro alloys, steel, and scrap will also be used by Eastern Alloys.

Eka Software Solutions

This apart, metals manufacturers, miners, refiners, and smelters can make decisions regarding buying, selling, hedging, processing, and moving metals with next-generation CTRM software.

Also, Eastern Alloys has selected Commodity Analytics Cloud SMART Cubes for advanced analytics and commodity intelligence.

Company officials said commodity companies can make faster, better-informed, fact-based decisions with Commodity Analytics Cloud.

Shilpa Khatri

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