Dion in pact with Apex Softcell enabling Indian retail traders to deploy front & back-end system

Infotech Lead India: Dion Global Solutions has signed a partnership deal with Apex Softcell (India) enabling the Indian retail traders to deploy unified front & back-end system.

The retail broking industry has been using separate systems for their front-end terminal and back-end processes causing several operational challenges.

These challenges include the requirement of labor intensive time consuming processes at the end and beginning of a trading day when data needs to be formatted each time before manually transferring from one system to the other.

The partnership between Dion and Apex enable retailers to benefit from a user friendly, feature-rich front end terminal, TradeAnywhere, and a robust back-end system, Lidha-Didha (LD).

“A broker spends several post trading hours converting data reports into a format that is compatible with the back-office system to begin his end-of-day processing and report generation activities. Similarly, before the start of a trading day, the broker again has to convert these files to a format compatible with the front-end terminals. Even if he has a perfect trading terminal and a robust back office system, he still faces the challenge of data transfer between the two.” said Bhavesh M Desai, managing director, Apex.

Syed A Asim, COO – India, Middle-East & Africa, Dion, said: “Integrating the complete system for a retail broker and presenting a unified workflow has been our strategic focus for some time. Partnering with Apex enables us to present a strong system that will considerably reduce turn-around time for data interchange and save precious hours.”

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