Digital commerce applications market to grow at 18.8% CAGR to $4.1 billion through 2017, says IDC

The digital commerce applications market will grow at an 18.8 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to $4.1 billion through 2017, said IDC.

IDC says digital commerce applications are one of the fastest growing segments in the overall enterprise applications software market.

“New commerce offerings and vendors are launched continually, with retail being only one part of the story as organizations across every industry look to add commerce solutions to their products, services, and offerings and tap into new revenue opportunities,” said Christine Dover, research director, Enterprise Applications and Digital Commerce.

Digital commerce applications

“Enterprises are looking to replace aging, custom-developed applications with more modern and nimble applications that allow them to move quickly into new markets with pop-up stores and omni-channel solutions that provide consumers and business buyers with a consistent experience regardless of where they research, shop, buy, and return goods and services – online, mobile, in the store, through the call center, and more,” Dover said.

IDC says worldwide digital commerce applications revenue reached $1.7 billion in 2012, representing an increase of 18 percent over the $1.5 billion in 2011.

The top 5 vendors in 2012, based on worldwide revenue, were IBM, Oracle, Digital River, hybris, and Demandware, accounting for 45.6 percent of the market total.

Cloud solutions are increasingly popular as they provide enterprises with the ability to pop-up a new store, quickly enter a new market, create a new revenue stream, and more.

While much of the current market is focused on North America and Western Europe, where strong growth is expected to continue, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, and Central and Eastern Europe, and Africa are also expected to be fast growing throughout the forecast period.

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