Business Plus priced at $125 per user

CRM vendor Salesforce today it will price Business Plus for $125 per user per month. Business Plus is the latest edition of the customer support app that enables SMBs to scale while meeting the demands of their customers. The target is service managers and agents.

Business Plus enables startups and established small businesses (SMBs) to boost customer retention and maximize agent productivity while resolving customer issues.

Leyla Seka, general manager and senior vice president of, Salesforce, said: “With Business Plus, companies get the customization, control and insights they need to make agents more productive and expand their support offerings.”

Salesforce says customers on average experience a 42 percent faster response time, 38 percent increase in agent productivity, 36 percent increase in customer satisfaction and 27 percent decrease in support costs, according to a research commissioned by
Salesforce Cloud
Main features Customer Health Monitor

Customer Health Monitor makes customer retention scalable. It also sends warnings to agents about potential dissatisfaction and recommends solutions to prevent customer attrition. Agent receives a special retention risk alert if a customer contacts customer support for the second time in one month. Canvas

Canvas allows companies to embed third-party apps directly into the console, creating a customized user interface that prompts agents to become productive and deliver better customer service experiences.

Agents can improve productivity because Canvas offers single console for all systems such as tracking a shipment, processing a refund or checking on the status of an order. This apart, Single Sign-On (SSO) streamlines agent access for all of the apps in the console. Custom Controls

Service managers can utilize Custom Controls to assist agents to answer the right cases. Managers can govern agent access, assignments, editing capabilities and more. For example, a retailer who is scaling up for the holidays and doesn’t want to provide full access to support agents can provide a different tier of access to the seasonal support team. Embed

SMBs are connecting with their customers through mobile apps. Embed, a mobile SDK, allows companies to insert mobile support directly into any app, so customers can access customer service anytime, anywhere, all without leaving the app.

Benjamin Christie, founder and president of Gourmet Ads, said: “Since switching to, we’ve seen an 80 percent reduction in case volume. enables us to realize our vision of being a one-stop shop for our customer; it’s a game changer for us.”

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