Dell User Forum: new Windows Server 2003 Migration Service

At the Dell User Forum 2014, Dell Services today announced its new Windows Server 2003 Migration Service.

The Dell offering will allow businesses currently running Windows Server 2003 to transition workloads to the Microsoft Azure cloud or Windows Server 2012 R2 as the July 2015 deadline approaches for the end of Windows Server 2003 support.

Microsoft says 94 percent of companies currently using Windows Server 2003 intend to migrate their applications to a newer version of Windows Server, as well as Microsoft Azure.

Suresh Vaswani, president, Dell Services, said: “Enterprises may face lack of compliance with various regulatory and industry standards, which could impact their business, particularly in highly regulated industries such as finance or healthcare. We help our customers proactively address these issues and provide a smooth transition.”

Dell Services offers the following as part of today’s announcement:

Dell Windows Server OS Modernization Services giving customers a guide to flexible IT approaches that map out multiple technology options and deliver technology integration, while increasing automation and reducing manual effort.

Dell Datacenter Transformation Methodology helps accelerate server migration while mitigating risk by designing, building and validating a migration plan.

In addition, Dell said Application Management Consulting and Global Application Packaging Factory conducts a application inventory during the migration process to examine the compatibility of each legacy application and identify the needed remediation for each app.

Dell ChangeBASE technology automatically analyzes applications to uncover compatibility issues with the targeted operating system.

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