Dell technology helps CarePoint Health to cut operational expenses

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CarePoint Health, which operates three hospitals and more than 55 medical practices in Hudson County, New Jersey, has deployed the Dell XC Web-Scale Converged Appliances powered by Nutanix to reduce operating expenses.

CarePoint Health was formed in 2012 through the acquisition of three different hospitals, each with its own infrastructure and IT processes, many of which were out of date.

In addition to addressing the complexity of integrating three separate systems, the company was focused on reducing operating expenses, ensuring business continuity and enhancing its disaster recovery plan.

Dell said CarePoint Health has reduced capital expenses by $15 million since adopting the technology.

The Dell XC Web-Scale Converged Appliances integrate Dell’s x86 server platform and Nutanix Acropolis software.

The appliances consolidate compute and storage into a single platform, reducing complexity and enabling CarePoint Health to easily deploy new workloads.

CarePoint Health also uses Dell Managed Services to maintain its IT environment. The institute is in the process of deploying Dell Networking switches, replacing its existing Cisco network.

To address clinical application delivery needs, CarePoint Health is deploying Dell MSite, a healthcare cloud to host its MEDITECH applications.

Additionally, CarePoint is deploying the Dell Cloud Clinical Archive to provide access to medical imaging data from the secure cloud whenever required during a downtime event.

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