Dell supports Trillium Health to transform business process

Dell announced that Trillium Health has selected Dell One Identity Manager, the identity and access management solution (IAM), to transform their healthcare business process.

Dell officials say Dell One Identity Manager provides Trillium with access to “everything from everywhere without sacrificing security.”

This move marks the renewed emphasis by organizations to enable appropriate access, while eliminating the risk of employees having more access than they need to do their jobs, Dell said. Employees with too much access can become internal threats, which are the most prominent threats in the security landscape today.

With Dell One Identity Manager, organizations have a modular and affordable way to establish, execute, audit, and control access, no matter how or from where, the company said.

While improving security, the solution also boosts business agility by enabling the organization to assign permissions faster — to the right people — increasing productivity and achieving compliance faster, and with less cost and effort, Dell said in a statement.

With Dell IAM solutions, clients can track and report on rights, activities and policies in real time using the solution’s access management and reporting tools. The Identity Manager platform also helps them save time by improving self-service and workflow, placing important tasks, approvals, and reports in the hands of line-of-business personnel rather than IT.

“With Dell One Identity Manager, we’ve reduced our risk profile and improved the IT/business relationship with faster provisioning of users, simplified roles and privileges, and attestation, and we intend to leverage even more of Dell One Identity Manager’s functionality as we continue on our security journey,” said Iain Paterson, information security officer, Trillium Health Partners.

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