Dell prices Toad for Oracle v12.5 in Simplified Chinese at $955

Dell Software today said Toad for Oracle v12.5 in Simplified Chinese will be priced at $955 for the base edition.

More than 2 million database professionals across the globe are currently using Toad for Oracle, Dell’s database development and management solution.

Dell Software claims that the release of version 12.5 streamlines and simplifies adoption for customers in China’s database management market.

Toad for Oracle 12.5 includes localization of the product installer, user interface and documentation.

Gartner says the database management system (DBMS) market will grow more than 9 percent in China in 2014, with Oracle databases representing an approximately 43 percent share of that market.

Toad, the foundation of Dell Software’s database development and administration product, enables developers and DBAs to work with better efficiency and accuracy, enhancing the productivity of individuals and development teams.

Han Chon, general manager, Dell Software, China, said: “The new version of Toad also combines broad automation features and intuitive workflow to improve productivity. The Simplified Chinese version of Toad for Oracle will help local customers manage databases efficiently and will meet the high demands for database management.”

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