Dell launches new Big Data Retention solution

Infotech Lead America: Dell has unveiled a new Big Data Retention solution that can reduce the costs of retaining big data.

Dell’s Big Data retention solution is designed for enterprises that leverage big data analytics to derive business value from their data. The solution integrates with existing analytics platforms as a frontend big data repository for large datasets or a backend archive. It can serve as a standalone repository or as an analytics platform with Hadoop.

Dell said its Big Data retention solution combines Dell storage, including the DX Object Storage Platform, and RainStor database technology, to help reduce the cost of retaining big data through data reduction, simplified data management and near-perfect scalability.

“Not only are the volumes of data growing – so is its value to the organization. Being able to cost-effectively capture and store all of the relevant data makes it possible to gain insights that support innovation and business value. The key is having the right data management solution to fluidly move data, tier it, dedupe it, protect it and archive it. To us, that means your data is fluid,” said Darren Thomas, vice president and general manager, Dell Enterprise Storage.

Dell’s Big Data retention solution can provide an average data compression ratio of up to 40:1, freeing up disk space approximately 97 percent. The solution leverages the capabilities of the Dell Fluid Data architecture, which enables these extreme data volumes to be efficiently accessed, moved and leveraged when and where needed.

The RainStor database provides online data retention at a massive scale, with unlimited scalability and zero administration. It can be deployed on any combination of Dell servers and storage, on premise or in a cloud configuration. When paired with the Dell DX Object Storage platform, the solution provides a single system for retaining structured, semi-structured and unstructured data across an unlimited number of data sources, formats and types, providing cost savings that can change the economics of big data retention.

Dell’s Big Data retention solution is currently available in the U.S.

“Dell’s best-in-class servers and storage are a perfect complement to RainStor’s Big Data database. With RainStor’s ability to run on any storage platform, customers can choose the combined solution that will meet their business needs at the lowest total operating cost,” said Ramon Chen, vice president of product management at RainStor.

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