Dell KACE K2000 v3.6 addresses Windows migration and device diversity challenges

Dell Software has released the flagship Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance with advanced multicasting capabilities and a new task engine that makes it much easier and faster to capture and deploy system images across a range of tablets, laptops, desktops and servers.

The Dell KACE  K2000 v3.6 further automates, accelerates, and simplifies OS and application migrations while dramatically reducing the complexity of large-scale system deployments.

The solution addresses several challenges faced by the distributed IT environments in organizations including those brought by the growing device diversity and Windows XP migration issues.

With the new Dell KACE K2000 v3.6, organizations can clear major migration roadblocks while shifting system deployments into high gear with advanced capabilities that accelerate migrations and optimize system lifecycle management.

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Dell KACE integrates critical systems deployment functionality into an easy-to-deploy physical or virtual appliance that produces fast time to value.

David Kloba, general manager of Endpoint Systems Management for Dell Software, said, “With the latest release of our Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance, we offer a smarter approach to systems imaging that will help customers successfully move off Windows XP and be better prepared to handle large-scale deployments across multiple devices and operating systems.”

Multicasting enables customers to deploy images on up to 250 multiple systems simultaneously, accelerating deployments by at least 40 percent. Additionally, bandwidth consumption is reduced significantly because the same image data is transferred to multiple clients only once over the network.

Integration of multicasting with the new task engine provides greater automation while providing administrators with real-time feedback during multicast sessions.

Task Engine automates and controls complex deployment tasks, including multiple reboots. Tight integration with multicasting improves migration and deployment reliability and efficiency.

By automating scheduling and sequencing, the new task engine enables true “lights-off” operation, which lets IT administrators run deployments after hours to reduce administrative overhead and minimize user disruptions.

Dell KACE K2000 is available now for a list price of $4,500. Existing K2000 customers can upgrade to the latest version at no additional cost.

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