Dell IT solution powers Green Clinic to transform patient care delivery

Green Clinic Health System has deployed Dell solutions and services to transform patient care delivery.

Dell solutions will enable Green Clinic Health System to improve access, sharing and protection of electronic medical records.

“Dell’s solutions help us support and centrally manage our EMR systems across Green Clinic’s physical and virtual environments while ensuring that our physicians, nurses and clinical staff have unrestricted yet secure access to all the information they need from devices,” said Jason Thomas, CIO and IT director, Green Clinic.

As part of the IT deal, Dell supplied end-user computing, servers, systems management and security software, storage, virtual desktop solutions, and professional services to reduce costs and complexity while improving productivity and patient care. ( Dell data center solution helps cargo shipping firm cut facility costs by 60% )

Main benefits

Green Clinic saved about $20,000 in EMR deployment costs by provisioning 155 laptops in one day. It deployed Dell KACE deployment appliance, which enabled Green Clinic to automate system provisioning. ( JM Financial consolidates IT infrastructure on Dell servers with VMWare software )

The clinic has reduced machine rebuild times from hours to minutes by using the KACE solution to wipe and reimage any corrupted or infected devices. Besides, Dell KACE deployment enabled Green Clinic applications to run faster with fewer problems.

Green Clinic can leverage its KACE systems management appliance to push out updates on both physical and virtual desktops with new software releases in five minutes.

The ability to automate most of the routine systems management tasks has enabled Green Clinic to save about 20 hours each week in administration and travel.

In the future, Green Clinic plans to add Dell’s KACE mobile device management solution to streamline management of all mobile devices.

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