Dell increases Toad database solutions price to $595

Dell Software has updated its Toad database solutions and the price is $595 per user.

The new Toad database solutions are enabling enterprise clients to automate agile development practices, improve data preparation for analytics and reporting, and gain flexibility in selecting database platforms, said Dell.

IT professionals are dealing with more data and more data sources to manage, driving the need to take on more tasks and learn new database technologies, according to a recent Dell Software survey of database management trends.

Dell said Toad, its platform-agnostic database solution, has more than 2 million users worldwide.

“Dell continues to add to its leadership in Oracle and other relational platforms, but also supports new platforms such as Hadoop, MongoDB, and SAP HANA, as they are increasingly part of our customers’ complex data challenge,” said Darin Bartik, executive director of Information Management Products, Dell Software.
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Toad solutions help increase database performance, availability and user productivity by automating many of the common administration, development and data preparation challenges associated with managing complex database environments.

The latest enhancements to the Toad family enable data professionals to better manage Oracle, SAP, IBM and Hadoop databases, and prepare data from across these and dozens of other platforms for analytics.

Toad for Oracle improves support for development best practices for agile and integration methodologies. The new release of Toad for Oracle helps development and DBA teams work more collaboratively through integration with Toad Intelligence Central, which allows users to more easily share Toad files and attributes such as scripts, connections, automation actions and code analysis rule sets.

Other enhancements to Toad for Oracle include a redesign of the main SQL development area, and a revamped Team Coding area to improve support and management with third-party version control systems.

Toad Data Point addresses the need for simplified data preparation with new features to ease the processes to transform, cleanse, group, aggregate and share data.

Toad Data Point features an upgraded transformation and cleanse engine, which now includes data profiling capabilities, new transformation rules, and a more robust engine for processing larger data sets, allowing users to manipulate and change data more easily.

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