Dell Create solution targets media and entertainment customers

Infotech Lead America: Dell has launched a new professional service – Dell Create, Multi-Vendor Cloud for Content Creators, designed to help large broadcast companies, studios, creative shops and other media and entertainment customers improve their content workflows, reduce operational costs and increase efficiencies by using a centralized IT environment.

Through Dell Create, Dell manages the organization and implementation of a customized combination of vendor solutions that are approved by customers. Various solutions that form the combination operate seamlessly together to suit each customer’s requirements so that they can focus on their core functions.

Dell Precision workstations combined with Dell Create provides independent filmmakers with everything they need to design, ingest, organize, process, archive and edit films with a single laptop and a small crew.

Dell Create provides customers a converged hardware and software data center model, as opposed to traditional workflow silos. Chad Andrews, Dell Media & Entertainment vertical strategist said that the solution was designed based on direct customer feedback, with special attention to the pain points highlighted by customers.

With the Dell Create system, Dell gains a firm understanding of the customer environment, identifies areas of improvement and recommends the best workflow based on the customer’s needs and business goals. Then Dell helps implement an up-to-date, networked infrastructure to adequately support the new streamlined workflow.

Dell supports needs of customers from both the services and hardware perspective. The Dell Create solution include a variety of elements from Dell’s services, security, hardware and software offerings, such as Dell Fluid FS for video storage, Dell Wyse thin clients for secure, cost-effective computing, Dell Services & Solutions for hardware orchestration, Dell PowerEdge C servers for rendering, Dell Precision workstations for high performance content creation, Dell UltraSharp monitors for high-end visualization and Dell SonicWALL and Dell Quest for security.

Dell teamed with Red Giant to showcase its small and medium business capabilities at NAB Show 2013. Red Giant used Dell Precision workstations to produce its latest short film, “Spy vs. Guy,” which used M6700 and T7600 Precision workstations with Adobe Premiere Pro and Red Giant’s newly-announced Bulletproof software.

Dell’s recently introduced Dell Precision Performance Optimizer (DPPO) automatically configures Dell Precision workstation settings based on the software the user is running. It includes profiles for Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects and other applications. Additional features include proactive system maintenance and tracking and reporting of system utilization which helps designers, artists and other creative professional enhance and speed up their workflows.

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