Dell company Quest Software launches MessageStats 7.0 offering insight into email data

Infotech Lead America: Quest Software, a part of Dell, has launched MessageStats 7.0.

The new solution assists IT managers and business users for enhanced insight into email data.

Quest Software claims that MessageStats Business Insights transforms data in messaging systems into intelligence, enabling IT managers to understand email communications, and use that knowledge to make informed decisions and take any necessary steps for remediation.

IT managers will benefit as it includes an HTML5 front-end to a communications big-data back end, and requires no data analyst or professional services to support it.

Moreover, the software enables IT Managers to detect, analyze and investigate inappropriate use of corporate email as outlined by organizations’ corporate email use policies, including excessive personal usage and social networking, as well as communication with competitors.

MessageStats Business Insights transforms data into intelligence to enable business managers to tap into the wealth of information in the Exchange store.

It is also offering an easy-to-use dashboard: Puts the intelligence in the hands of managers, enabling them to easily configure useful insights without extensive technical training, thereby reducing the burden on IT admins for one-off requests.

Enterprise users can see messaging trends in a familiar dashboard that provides an overview of insights grouped into categories, is customizable, and can be refined on the fly to reflect the changing priorities of a business.

“As businesses continue to steadily increase their reliance on and use of email, the ensuing vast intelligence store will be a gold mine representing the thoughts, actions and communications of the business. MessageStats Business Insights provides smart and simple ways to understand, measure, investigate, and improve communications and processes with customers, partners and internal groups,” said Michael Tweddle, senior director of product management, Quest Software.

MessageStats Business Insights is included in MessageStats 7.0 at no additional fee.

“As we enter the era of the 100 gigabyte mailbox, Exchange admins need to be fully equipped to pull ‘big data’ insights out of messaging data, to better understand how their businesses use email. Customers who deploy Microsoft Exchange today, and in the future, have the ability to unlock data that resides in email and use it to drive more value for the business,” said Jon Orton, Group Manager, Product Marketing – Exchange, Microsoft.

Cambia Health is a user of MessageStats, and the addition of Business Insights is a welcome step in monitoring email communications.

“The solution enables us to forecast growth and report efficiencies back to the organization quickly and easily, all by mining email data for insights. Also, because the product is a self-driven service accessed via a single console, a wide range of people inside our organization can use it, which has helped us save valuable resources in both time and personnel,” said Scott Bueffel, lead Unified Communications engineer, Cambia Health.

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