Dell announces solutions to help manufacturers for implementing Microsoft Dynamics

Infotech Lead America: Dell Services announced Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing, a new solution to help manufacturers for implementing Microsoft Dynamics.

Dell’s solution offerings include hardware and software licensing, cloud and on-premise deployment, supply chain advice based on Dell’s practices and expertise in areas of multi-location implementation, lean manufacturing and enterprise applications.

Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft’s global and scalable ERP solution, enables organizations to anticipate and change to help support growth and success. The solution contributes to increased productivity and provides easy access to valuable information throughout an organization.

Dell is adding Microsoft Dynamics services and support to its Microsoft Dynamics reseller offerings for manufacturers.

“After applying Microsoft Dynamics AX to our own manufacturing process, and realizing how impactful the solution can be, we knew we had an opportunity to help our manufacturing customers experience the same benefits,” said Mike Gauthier, Dell Services’ Microsoft Dynamics AX Practice Manager.

Dell’s new solution is designed for manufacturers that have incomplete visibility into their global supply chain, are challenged with optimizing their business systems based on changing demands and are looking to increase efficiency and simplicity through the entire manufacturing process.

Dell’s Microsoft Dynamics for Manufacturing solution focuses on manufacturing simplification and lean transformation by re-engineering processes from start to finish based on lean principles and simplified procedures.

The solution helps manufacturers get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics with guidance and counsel on how to best leverage the product. Based on Dell’s own experiences, the solution shows manufacturers how to use Microsoft Dynamics to help make the most informed decisions possible, while reaching global alignment and transformation.

“With Microsoft Dynamics AX, we could roll out one factory at a time, and didn’t have to worry about changes to our core financial and HR and server management and all of the other upstream systems that we didn’t want to touch,” Matt Griffiths, IT executive director, Manufacturing Systems, Dell.

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