Dell announces 5 steps to personalize learning

Computing major Dell, which has signed 12 school districts in the U.S. for their learning program, announced 5 steps to personalize learning.

Dell believes that personalized learning should be teacher-guided so that teachers use their knowledge of each student to individualize curriculum. It should be student-invested where students take advantage of a range of learning resources and tools to develop and apply content mastery.

It should be technology-enriched to improve access to digital resources and performance data to improve student and teacher interaction and collaboration. Dell’s suggested five-step process to personalize learning includes:

1) Establish a vision for learning

2) Determine the right IT infrastructure

3) Prepare for a transition to student-centered learning

4) Ensure access to technology at home and school

5) Enforce professional learning

Jon Phillips, worldwide education director, Dell, said: “In a personalized approach, students invest in how they learn and how they show their learning through an on-going process of inquiry. Teachers have ready access to an array of personalization tools to meet student needs.”

“Technology combines access to digital content for blended or collaborative learning with access to real-time data that helps teachers intercede when a student is struggling and helps students explore potential areas of interest more deeply,” Phillips added.

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