Dakota Financial saves $14,400 in document storage costs after deploying Office 365

Enterprise software vendor Microsoft said Dakota Financial has saved more than US$14,400 a year in document storage costs after deploying Microsoft Office 365.

Dakota Financial, which provides funding for equipment leasing to small businesses that cannot obtain traditional financing, replaced a  scanning solution with Microsoft Office 365, SideKick 365 DCM (a SharePoint App from SkyLite Systems), and a scanner from Kodak.

Microsoft said Dakota Financial employees are working more productively by using Office 365 and the SideKick 365 DCM app to automate document uploads to online storage.

By streamlining access to more than 1.5 million financial documents, in or out of the office, the new solution saves auditors significant time. It provides banks with transparency into the company’s assets, improving business relationships with lenders.

Thanks to Microsoft Office 365, instead of spending hundreds of dollars per extra gigabyte of data, Dakota Financial can grow its business with minimal costs.

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