CSC signs £4.6 million deal with Health and Social Care Information Center

 Infotech Lead America: CSC has signed a deal with the Health and Social Care Information Center (HSCIC) to deliver SystmOne data extracts as part of the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES).

The six-year contract is worth up to £4.6 million.

The deal will allow specific data about patients, such as the prevalence of disease and treatment given, to be extracted from patient records, to help better support patient care in the future.

SystmOne will be developed by TPP to allow GP practices to carry out queries on the patient records they have, while CSC will test and assure the queries, provide hosting and service desk capability and support first-of-type projects ahead of the Spring 2013 GPES go-live launch.

GPES marks the migration of using disparate systems to collect data towards using a secure, streamlined service that allows information to be shared securely across the NHS.

The move to GPES will ensure that data extractions are comparable across the NHS, enabling improvements to patient care and increased efficiencies.

All major GP clinical system suppliers, including those using CSC’s primary care systems, have signed up to GPES to help provide a standardized picture of primary care across the country on a national scale for the very first time.

“CSC’s commitment is an important milestone in ensuring that every GP practice can contribute towards a single, standardized picture of primary care information across the country, within a framework of the most robust information governance principles,” said Tim Straughan, HSCIC chief executive.

GPES will be part of a new process to provide payments to GPs and Clinical Commissioning groups, which will have major benefits in reducing the administrative burden for GPs. It will extract data from GP clinical systems in order to support payments while the new Calculating Quality Reporting Service will do the payment calculations.

“The need for up-to-date, usable and relevant information in the NHS has never been greater, and GPES is of vital importance to help meet the future information needs of the NHS,” said Andrea Fiumicelli, chief operating officer of CSC’s Healthcare Group.

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