CSC to integrate its ConfidentID to Atom Bank app

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CSC said it will provide its biometric software for the U.K. start-up bank Atom to ensure secure mobile and online banking.

The company will integrate its mobile user authentication service ConfidentID, powered by IdentityX, into Atom’s digital banking application.

The digital banking application is the only channel for accessing the new bank’s products and services, including current accounts, savings accounts, mortgages and loans.

CSC’s ConfidentID is designed to provide reliable identity authentication for mobile, online and other transactions using a combination of passwords, PINs, biometrics and other techniques. It has the capability to eliminate passwords to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Stewart Bromley, COO at Atom, said ConfidentID’s integration into Atom app offers its customers the assurance that only they can enter their bank account.

“With CSC’s biometric software we will provide a service to customers that is safe and easy to use,” Bromley said.

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