CRM leaders says new Salesforce Platform offers low-code development tools

CRM leader Salesforce announced the new Salesforce Platform — including a set of low-code development tools that empower everyone within an organization, regardless of technical skill or role, to create apps on a single platform.
Salesforce business software for healthcareSalesforce Platform includes low-code tools for interactive app development and automation, as well as new elastic computing, AI-driven data protection, identity management and DevOps capabilities to help teams drive business outcomes fast.

This gives anyone — including business users, admins, designers and developers — the ability to build apps and processes using low code, all while enabling the highest levels of IT governance, scale and trust.

“The future of app development is low-code, where anyone can participate to solve any business problem,” said Patrick Stokes, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Platform, Salesforce. “The powerful Salesforce Platform makes it easier and faster for everyone to build apps and get back to growth.”

“Salesforce’s low-code tools and elastic scale capabilities allowed our team to launch new customer buying experiences, like CarMax Curbside, in less than three weeks,” said Shamim Mohammad, EVP, Chief Information and Technology Officer, CarMax.

“Over the past year we’ve digitized many of our offerings to provide best-in-class customer experiences from anywhere,” said Greg Beltzer, Head of Technology, RBC Wealth Management – U.S. “Using Salesforce’s low-code tools, we’ve been able to transform time-intensive processes that impact both clients and employees into automated workflows that can be completed with just a few clicks.”