Cosmetics supplier MADI selects Infor WMS

MADI International, a cosmetics supplier based in the UAE, has chosen Infor WMS to digitize its warehousing and inventory management processes in response to the rising demand for health and beauty products in the region.
Infor for enterprisesThe implementation of Infor’s solution, facilitated by SNS, a supply chain consultancy and software implementation provider, will enable MADI to transition from a third-party logistics (3PL) model to in-house warehousing operations. By integrating with MADI’s existing ERP platform, the Infor WMS will optimize inventory management, enhance order fulfillment accuracy, and streamline distribution operations.

According to Euromonitor International, the beauty and personal care market in the Middle East and Africa is projected to reach USD $58.3 billion by 2025. In light of MADI’s business expansion, the company required a scalable warehousing and inventory management system. Following a thorough search, MADI selected SNS to implement Infor WMS due to the provider’s stellar reputation, seamless integration capabilities via APIs, and cloud deployment model.

Infor WMS, designed to optimize warehouse processes and improve inventory accuracy, has already provided real-time visibility into MADI’s stock levels, resulting in more efficient order fulfillment and a reduced risk of stock-outs. Additionally, the cloud-based warehouse management solution offers robust analytics and reporting tools, delivering valuable insights into inventory and distribution operations that were previously unavailable.

Rabih Madi, Chief Operating Officer of MADI International, expressed satisfaction with the new system, citing increased efficiency and accuracy in inventory and distribution operations. Madi is confident that this investment will yield long-term benefits and contribute to the company’s growth.

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