Cornerstone OnDemand taps HP for storage management, replacing EMC

Infotech Lead America: Cornerstone OnDemand, a cloud-based talent management software provider, has replaced EMC and selected HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage to simplify storage management.

To address Cornerstone OnDemand’s substantial growth — at 60 percent per year since 2007 — it needed to replace its legacy EMC infrastructure to ensure around-the-clock application performance for its more than 10.5 million subscribers. It also needed to reduce time-intensive data center maintenance to avoid service disruptions.

By leveraging HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage, the cloud-based talent management software provider quadrupled its data center capacity and performance without increasing infrastructure footprint or energy costs.

HP in a media statement said subscribers of Cornerstone OnDemand experience consistent application access, even as demand escalates. The company also achieved faster response times via a 20 percent reduction in latency. This performance gain has significantly reduced risk of downtime and increased Cornerstone’s business continuity by reducing backup time by 90 percent.

Justin Ferris, senior director, Technical Operations, Cornerstone OnDemand, said: “The level of scalability and performance delivered by HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage enables our business to grow without ongoing hardware upgrades or intensive maintenance to ensure superior customer satisfaction.”

Thanks to 3PAR StoreServ P10000 Storagesystem, Cornerstone has reduced data center management time by 20 hours per week.

Due to systemwide striping, a function of the system’s enterprise-class architecture, the company could balance workloads across all resources, ensuring optimal performance under constantly shifting demands.

Cornerstone also has reduced administration time with HP 3PAR Thin Provisioning Software, which automates the rapid “thinning” of storage volumes by identifying and removing unused pockets of disk capacity.

As a result, traditional storage volumes are reduced by 50 percent or more, and converted into thin-provisioned volumes on Cornerstone’s HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage system.

The significant increase in capacity utilization as compared to its legacy EMC storage infrastructure has reduced Cornerstone’s storage footprint and power consumption while also mitigating its need for future hardware investments.

When future growth requires additional hardware, Cornerstone can implement and provision HP servers with HP Converged Storage solutions, core components of HP Converged Infrastructure, twice as fast as it could with its legacy EMC architecture.

Cornerstone plans to implement HP 3PAR Remote Copy and HP 3PAR Virtual Copy software at its disaster recovery sites to provide instant point-in-time data snapshots for rapid application recovery.

Value-added solutions from HP Financial Services enabled Cornerstone to expand the reach and impact of its technology budget while providing the flexibility needed to quickly upgrade to the HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage solution.

Chris Riley, vice president, U.S., Storage, HP, said: “To meet expanding data-growth demands, organizations require scalable storage solutions that deliver high performance levels with minimal administration.”

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