Cognizant Renews Tech Deal with ISS to Drive Financial Efficiency and Innovation

Cognizant, a global leader in information technology services, has announced the renewal of its tech deal with ISS, a prominent workplace experience and facility management company, for a five-year extension.
Cognizant employeesThis continued collaboration will empower Cognizant to assist ISS in further enhancing efficiencies and fostering innovation within its financial organization across Northern Europe. Over the years, Cognizant has successfully streamlined and automated various processes and systems, consolidating them into a unified framework, which has allowed ISS to process a higher volume of invoices annually, ultimately improving the experience for their customers and vendors.

The partnership between Cognizant and ISS commenced in 2014, and since then, it has yielded an optimized and scalable financial and accounting model. This innovation has led to the consolidation of multiple countries and services into a standardized process and system, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. Additionally, a new control framework has been introduced to minimize duplication in Finance & Account processes. Cognizant has introduced a range of automation tools and systems, including duplicate audit tools like ProHanc and Tracer.

In the next phase of the collaboration, Cognizant aims to drive continuous innovation and productivity improvements within the financial organization by providing solutions and processes designed to simplify, harmonize, and standardize operations, with the goal of achieving further cost savings. Efforts will also be made to design solutions for later deployment across other business units in ISS, aligning with the continuous rollout of the Global One ISS strategy.

The renewed partnership between Cognizant and ISS underscores their shared commitment to driving operational excellence and financial efficiency, ultimately benefiting customers, vendors, and the overall business landscape in Northern Europe.