Cognizant Launches Training Initiative Synapse to Empower One Million Individuals with Tech Skills

Cognizant, a leading technology services company, has unveiled its comprehensive training program, ‘Synapse.’
Cognizant employees
The initiative is designed to empower over one million individuals with technology skills, including generative artificial intelligence (AI), through strategic collaborations with governments, academic institutions, businesses, and other key partners.

Leveraging AI Technology and Premier Tech Services

Cognizant’s Synapse program is set to leverage evolving AI technology and the company’s premier tech services to equip individuals with the skills required for the future workforce. The IT services company plans to establish a consortium of partners dedicated to training and job placement for those who upskill through the Synapse program.

Varied Training Ranging from Digital Literacy to Generative AI

Cognizant’s Synapse will offer a wide range of training programs, starting from basic digital literacy to advanced generative AI. The ambitious goal of training one million people will be achieved through various components of the initiative:

Skills Accelerator: Cognizant aims to equip 200,000 jobseekers with in-demand tech skills through sponsored upskilling programs. Learners will complete online coursework followed by assessments to demonstrate their mastery of the material, positioning them for careers in technology. High-scoring participants will be considered for specialized “train-to-hire” programs with Cognizant or its Synapse partners.

Technology Partnerships: Leveraging its tech ecosystem, Cognizant plans to train 200,000 individuals, opening up new opportunities in the technology sector.

Apprenticeships: Working in collaboration with universities, community colleges, and workforce development groups, Cognizant will support thousands of individuals as apprentices, providing them with experience and skills in emerging technologies like generative AI. This initiative is aimed at both entry-level individuals and mid-career professionals.

Community Education: Cognizant’s corporate social responsibility efforts will reach 300,000 individuals globally through philanthropic grants, volunteerism, mentoring, and education partnerships.

Employee Skilling: Cognizant will upskill more than 200,000 of its 345,000 employees through its learning and development platform, focusing on relevant technologies, including generative AI.

Addressing a Growing Workforce Gap

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce reports that U.S. businesses currently have nearly three million unfilled positions, with the number expected to rise in the coming years. Cognizant’s Synapse initiative is a response to this pressing issue, and since 2018, the company has invested in training opportunities for individuals in the tech field, allocating $70 million to support 70 leading global organizations and non-profits committed to skilling.

Expanding Partnerships for Responsible AI Use

Earlier this year, Cognizant expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to provide robust training resources for tech talent development on Google Cloud and promote the responsible use of AI.

Cognizant’s CEO, Ravi Kumar S, expressed his vision for the Synapse program, saying, “Through this reskilling endeavor, we are striving to equip one million individuals with the skills and capabilities they need to thrive in the digital economy.”

Cognizant’s Synapse initiative promises to be a game-changer in preparing individuals for the ever-evolving tech-driven world.