Cognizant launches AI-powered healthcare solutions using Google Cloud

IT services provider Cognizant has unveiled a set of healthcare large language model (LLM) solutions leveraging Google Cloud’s generative AI (genAI) technology, including the Vertex AI platform and Gemini models. These solutions are designed to revamp healthcare administrative processes and enhance patient experiences.
Cognizant employees
In recognition of its significant impact on digital transformations in healthcare and life sciences, Google Cloud has awarded Cognizant the “2024 Industry Solution Services Partner of the Year – Healthcare and Life Sciences.”

“By deploying innovative solutions tailored to specific industry challenges, we aim to help healthcare organizations set new benchmarks for care delivery and improve the experiences of those they serve,” said Surya Gummadi, EVP and President, Cognizant Americas.

Cognizant’s healthcare LLM solutions target four high-cost workflows: marketing operations, call center operations (including appeals and grievances), provider management, and contracting. Key features include:

Appeals Resolution Assistant: This tool automates data retrieval, analysis, and interpretation in appeals management, enhancing productivity, consistency, and accuracy, thereby improving appeals resolution for healthcare payers.

Contract Management Solution: By automating review, generation, and configuration processes, this solution reduces manual errors and inconsistencies, boosting productivity and decreasing contracting cycle times and errors for healthcare payers.

Marketing Content Assistant: This innovation helps marketing teams by automating the creation of engaging content on various topics, ensuring consistent, high-quality communication that strengthens the payer’s brand presence.

Health Plan Shopper: This tool empowers healthcare members to make informed plan choices by integrating individual preferences, clinical profiles, and payer data, streamlining plan selection, and enhancing overall healthcare experiences.

“These new tailored solutions from Cognizant, utilizing Google Cloud’s AI platform and Gemini models, can help reduce administrative burdens and streamline tasks in areas like contracting, operations, and appeals,” Amy Waldron, Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry at Google Cloud, said.

The new healthcare LLM solutions will be showcased at the 2024 Cognizant Health Sciences Conference in Kissimmee, FL, from June 10th to 13th, where Google Cloud, a Platinum sponsor, will present on the evolving role of generative AI in healthcare.

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