Cisco launches new offerings for healthcare IT

Infotech Lead America: Cisco has launched two new offerings to meet the healthcare industry’s needs for software and services.

Cisco’s HealthPresence 2.5, a telehealth platform, offers a software-driven version of Cisco HealthPresence.

The new verison of Cisco HealthPresence is designed to address needs of healthcare organizations. It provides a mechanism to deliver healthcare to a number of patients and enables customers to build a scalable telehealth network that can enhance productivity and improve clinical workflows.

Cisco HealthPresence 2.5 includes new features designed to make it easier and cost-effective for customers to implement a customized telehealth solution.

“Cisco HealthPresence 2.5 offers our customers incredible flexibility to build the right solution for their telehealth initiatives. By unbundling the solution and offering Cisco HealthPresence software as a standalone offering, Cisco now enables customers to build telehealth networks using the hardware that best suits their needs,” said David Plummer, global business leader for Cisco HealthPresence.

Cisco also announced the global availability of Cisco Services for Connected Health and Cisco Architectures for Connected Health.

“The relationship we have with Cisco is one of the major reasons we are expanding our desktop virtualization plans. Not only is the solution designed to fit our needs, but also the support that we received from Cisco enabled us to significantly increase clinician productivity, which translates directly to the benefit of our patients and families,” said Wes Wright, senior vice president and chief information officer, Seattle Children’s.

Roderick Bell II, vice president and chief information officer, Resolute Health, said: “Cisco’s video collaboration tools make our patient-centric approach to health even stronger by supporting healthcare delivery anytime, anywhere. The implementation of Cisco HealthPresence 2.5 will reduce travel time, thereby lowering costs, reducing no-shows, and increasing overall patient satisfaction.”

“Telemedicine that offers high quality transmission is a tool that allows us to increase our ability to resolve issues at the contact point closest to the patient. And the Albert Einstein Israelita Hospital project at M’Boi Mirim proves this,” said Heitor Gottberg, executive manager for Healthcare at Cisco Brazil.

“Approximately two years ago we received the proposal from the Fundación Peluffo-Giguens for the creation of the Telemedicine Center to ease the pressure on the families of patients of pediatric oncology, and in all the areas of pediatric and adult medicine. Until today these patients had to travel to Montevideo for study and treatment. Now, all Uruguayans can enjoy this joint effort between Cisco and Fundación Peluffo,” said Gustavo Menéndez, director of business transformation in Cisco Latin America.

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