Checkpoint Systems launches EAS antennas targeting retail industry

Infotech Lead America: Checkpoint Systems, a provider of merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions for the retail industry, has launched Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antennas to offer enhanced detection and data connectivity.

Based on retailers’ feedback, the CLASSIC IP STYLE and CLASSIC IP STREET antennas include remote reporting capability, giving operators improved store visibility with ready access to actionable data.

Checkpoint Systems claims that the range enables retailers to integrate visitor counting technology into their businesses. Store managers can monitor customer activity in store, measure the success of their marketing promotions and plan for increased staffing and stock levels in response to busier shopping periods.

The CLASSIC IP STYLE and CLASSIC IP STREET antennas offer wider aisle width protection enabling retailers to better safeguard their merchandise.

“While retail operators understand the need for anti-theft measures, they also expect the systems to complement their store designs and provide much-needed functionality. We are confident that Checkpoint’s newest range delivers on all fronts, ensuring improved retail store operations, on-shelf availability and consumer shopping experience and to help drive sales,” said Per Levin, president and chief sales officer of Shrink Management Solutions at Checkpoint Systems.

The CLASSIC IP STYLE offers the widest aisle width and class-leading detection for a small, discreet antenna. A clear Plexiglas structure, integrated LEDs and base covers, available in customized colors, help the antenna to blend with any retail layout. In addition, Checkpoint’s VisiPlus units can be integrated for bi-directional overhead, wall or post-mounted visitor counting.

The CLASSIC IP STREET is ideal for retailers seeking a sturdy system with the added benefits found in the CLASSIC IP range.

Both antennas within this stylish CLASSIC IP range offer retailers remote support for fast, streamlined service and maintenance.

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