CBE Group taps SAS Analytics to boost collections results

Infotech Lead America: CBE Group (CBE) has tapped SAS Analytics to boost its collections results.

To enhance efficiency, the debt collection industry provider will expand its SAS usage to segment accounts.

“We selected SAS because of its ability to improve the management and manipulation of large amounts of data very efficiently,” said Chad Benson, COO at CBE. “The new SAS solutions will provide our team with an agile approach to problem solving, process enhancement, data analysis and facilitating critical business information faster.”

CBE will use SAS Enterprise BI Server, SAS Data Integration Server, SAS Financial Management, Model Manager, SAS Analytics Pro and SAS Enterprise Miner to improve analytical data management, improve collections and report more accurate results.

CBE expects increased profitability by reducing collection costs, as well as an increase in its ability to respond quickly and affect short term portfolio performance.

In addition, SAS Enterprise BI Server will help CBE display real-time business metrics for monitoring and effecting change quickly. CBE will use SAS Model Manager to tackle registration, testing, deployment and performance monitoring of models.

For example, clients use CBE’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) litigation analyses to mitigate risk. With the power of SAS, CBE offers this information monthly after 15 minutes of analysis; the process formerly took three days. For clients, this aids brand protection by providing timely statistics on lawsuits categorized by attorney, state and defendant.

One major client estimated it collected an additional $265,340 after CBE’s scoring model improved its competitive scorecard. Previously, it performed at an average of 97.25 percent of best over six months. After implementing the model, CBE performance is consistently 100 percent of best.

“Our SAS based programs have enabled me to compile a large volume of data in a short time, to analyze performance over time and to evaluate trends,” said Shane Roberts, Corporate Analyst at CBE. “This methodology has saved me hours of compilation time and IT resources.”

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