Cazamba deploys Aerospike In-Memory NoSQL database

Cazamba has deployed Aerospike In-Memory NoSQL database to simplify scaling and manage increasing data volumes to support its business growth.

Cazamba’s network, which provides over 200 million page views per month, a customer base that includes marquee telco, automotive and retail brands and plans to expand internationally.

“The shift to Aerospike was seamless, deployment was easy and Aerospike has already allowed us to develop new features and upgrades to our applications while minimizing the monitoring and maintenance overhead on our clusters,” said Victor Cano, CTO, Cazamba.

The company claims that they have replaced an in-memory data store with two small but powerful Aerospike clusters deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Aerospike has architecture with multi-threaded, multi core, auto clustering, auto sharding and auto rebalancing which makes it possible for developers to focus on building real time big data driven applications that drive revenue and also frees them from having to handle the costs and complexities of scaling.

Aerospike announced that Melt DSP had selected Aerospike In Memory NoSQL Key-value Store with Cross Data Replication (XDR) to scale its user profile store and ID mapping and support business growth in March 2015.

Retargetly, a Data Management Platform(DMP) company, has selected Aerospike In-MemorySQL key value store to power the user profile store for its fast growing business needs in the same month.